We are a cooperative of craftspeople banding together to create a community based around making beautiful furniture.


Once upon a time, everything we touched and used everyday was made by another human being- most likely your neighbor. With the improvements in mass manufacturing capabilities over the years and outsourcing of labor overseas, we find our lives filled with meaningless junk we call things. But there are still people making things that matter at a more personal level. ToolMarks Collective was created to help support, promote, and nurture these craftspeople.



Making furniture can be a rewarding and fulfilling occupation, but it's not easy. Are you a furniture maker or do you have aspirations to become a furniture maker? Find out more about our members here.

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Our Shop

Our 5000 square foot shop off south congress and ben white offers a professional level of equipment for everyones use. Storage space for personal tools and air conditioned office and break room.

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