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Shota Yamaguchi - Shota has been doing woodworking since he was 14. At an early age, he left to England to study under the prestigious David Savage. There he learned the fine details of fine furniture making and learned to work with tight tolerances. From there he moved to Austin, Texas where he now has a custom fine furniture studio that resides at ToolMarks.

If you are particular about furniture and can’t find what you want anywhere, then why not just have it made? I can assist you in turning your ideas into a reality. What better way to make a statement then to have a furniture tailored to your every needs. The best way to get a hold of him for questions or comments is to call him at 512.589.4095 or email him shota@sydfurniture.com.


Aaron Fox - began making furniture in high school and eventually attended the Maine College of Art. After exploring the theory of art and design he sought a more hands-on education at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine. After graduating, he then returned home to Naples, Florida and completed a three-year apprenticeship at The Thomas Riley Artisans Guild. In 2011 Aaron founded Fox Furniture and moved it to Austin, Texas in 2014. Shortly after with a group of partners opened a woodworking co-op shop in south Austin (ToolMarks ATX). He is currently building a product line of contemporary furniture with traditional and modern techniques as well as one-off pieces for architects and interior designers. Aaron enjoys sharing his knowledge of hand tools and techniques with students at the Austin School of Furniture & Design. 


Ace San Miguel - Adrian Ace San Miguel draws most of his inspiration from mid century artists and designers, as well as nature and natural elements. His love for nature draws him outdoors often and that is where he spends as much time as possible with his beautiful wife Sarah and their rescue pit bull Honey.

Ace first gained confidence with tools and building from an early age while working with his Dad in Corpus Christi, where he grew up. His love of creating useful and beautiful pieces led to pursuing a formal education at Texas State University earning a degree in Sculptural Design, with a focus on furniture design, form, and function. After many years spent honing his skills and perfecting his talent with The Macek Furniture Company, Ace co-founded the ToolMarks Collective, where his dream of collaborating daily with builders from all backgrounds could come to fruition.  

Some of Ace's recent projects include sign fabrication for filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, an array ofresidential furniture installations of all sorts, bar design and restaurant seating for Frank Austin and Frank San Antionio, as well as The Little Darlin', and most recently, booths and tables for the new French Bistro Bonhomie.


Brad Brueggemann – Brad started tinkering with tools, machines, and anything he could get his hands on as a kid. His introduction to woodworking was when he received a small woodworking tool set for making things out of Balsa wood at the age of 12. He hasn’t stopped experimenting with wood ever since.

Brad grew up in Seguin, TX and attended Texas A&M where he studied economics, finance and real estate. During college years he experimented with cabinetry, casework and woodturning. After graduating from Texas A&M he served as a Field Artillery Officer in the United States Army for almost six years. Since separating in 2014 he has pursued another great passion of his, woodworking. He enjoys assisting clients in conceptualizing a project and then turning those concepts into a reality. Contact him at brad.brueggemann@gmail.com or (830) 305-4293.


Dave Cutherell - Dave has been building things since he was a young boy.  His first woodworking project was a pair of stereo speakers that he built with his dad in his shop at the age of 16.  Those speakers went on to usher in Dave's "turn it up!" rock and roll era that has really never quite ended.  He went on to study Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M and the University of Texas.  He was blessed to have a long career in high tech that included companies like General Electric, Fisher Controls, DTM, Design Edge, and Motion Computing.

Dave is currently reclaiming himself into the role of furniture maker.  He has a passion for helping businesses get off the ground and is dedicated to creating a community wood working shop that helps talented craftspeople learn to be better in their own businesses.  Contact him at davecutherell@gmail.com or (512) 656-7122.


James Graham - Located in Austin, Texas, J Felton Design was established in 2013 by James Felton Graham with the purpose of producing objects of exceptional beauty, quality, and function for both home and commercial environments. With every design James brings more than two decades of artistic vision, endeavor and accomplishment to the drawing board. Whether making a headboard from hundreds of small pieces of reclaimed wood or building a coffee table using large slabs of mesquite, he approaches his work with skill and passion. James hopes you will enjoy his creations as much as he has enjoyed designing and building them.  For more information about J Felton Design or to commission a piece email james@jfeltondesign.com