Our Mission

We are a group of craftspeople dedicated to creating a community of craft by educating, sharing resources, and promoting our work through excellent craftsmanship and relevant designs. Making a living making things is hard- especially durable and beautiful things made to last generations. ToolMarks is here to make it easier and take some of the load off.  We strive to be kind to the planet by being conscious about the products and processes we implement. We will give back to the community and help whenever and wherever we can.

What we offer.

  • Provide a comfortable shop space with industrial machines.
  • A community of craftspeople to bounce ideas off of or get advice from.
  • Access to some things unaccessible for the sole craft shop like spray booth or wide belt sander.
  • Greater marketing power. A collective of craftspeople will garner more interest and attention than a sole shop. Plus access to coop website which will be far reaching.
  • Cheaper than if you were to get the same amount of equipment with the same amount of space
  • Office for having meetings or just getting out of the shop for awhile
  • Share responsibilities and risks
  • Educational programs designed to create more skilled craftspeople.
  • Community outreach. The more people we have to help, the more impact we can make.
  • Ability to accept large scale jobs by having the members of the coop band together to get it done.
  • Earth Friendly- When we share facilities and machinery, the Earth smiles.